If You Can’t Be Here

The people and places that you should know, at least from my point of view.

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Argon Press (www.argonpress.com).  Argon Press is a great new publisher and it is my pleasure to publish with them.




Darlene Blasing (www.darleneblasing.com).  Blasing writes a range of stories from humorous shorts to mystery novels.

Robert James Jackson (www.robertjamesjackson.com).  Jackson writes fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, as well as humorous short stories.

Steve LeBel (www.theuniversebuilders.com).  LeBel writes humorous fantasies about a world of gods and goddesses and the universes they build.  His first book in the Universe Builder Series is called Bernie and the Putty.

J. Scott Payne (www.jscottpayne.com).   Payne writes historical novels about the Civil War.  This reporter’s first novel is A Corporal No More.

Kittye Sharron (www.kittyesharron.com).  Kitty specializes in reaching an audience barely hanging onto the threads of Christianity.  She provides hope and answers to a sinful world. Her literary works include her first debut The Longest Letter: Incredible Hope.  She also writes children’s stories and poems.

Linda Watkins (www.mateguasisland.com).  Watkins writes in a variety of genres. Her debut novel, Mateguas Island, is a supernatural thriller and the first in a series of three novels. Works in other genres can be previewed at her personal website is www.lindawatkins.biz.


123rf (www.123rf.com) A fantastic source for royalty free images and video.