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The talented and lovely Ms. Katie St. CLaire, was kind enough to ask me to do an interview…
Then she was bold enough to actually post it on her web-site. Check it out, and her sight. Show her and the other authors she’s put in the hot seat some love. Thank You Katie!!Author-Spotlight-H-William-Ruback/c1q8z/9ECA0EFF-007F-4F64-A5DB-4204BAD35EFB

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H.William Ruback

The long and short of “the SHORT of it” is that this is a collection of the earliest of H.William Ruback’s writing. A favorite grouping of poems, lyrics and short stories that span from the author’s teen years through adulthood.

 “I have tried to keep them as intact from the time at which they were created, (with the exception of the use of spell-check) to hopefully show the growth of my so-called talent. The diverse range of subjects and styles speaks volumes as to my current inability to settle into one area, genre, or specialty.”

 True to the authors words, “the SHORT of it”, has content ranging from Romance to
Sci-Fi, Horror to Philosophy and a few things in-between.

 “Going forward, let it be said now, that it has always been my intention to have several of the elements and/or characters, within these pages, blend themselves throughout multiple stories and/or series in the future works that I hope you will enjoy.”