The Bottle Beside Me

Stage DoorChapter: 1
In Through the Out Door

There was a time that entering the stage door seemed like an adventure, a gift, tasting the forbidden fruit. Of being allowed to share in the mysteries, being privy to the secrets held within, to untangle the silken curtain.

Now, after all these years, I feel more like the lecherous soul, trying to avoid the eyes and notice of each passerby. Gaining perverted pleasure by sneaking behind the sheets.

One would think that such a change of heart would have been brought on by some dramatic event or sacraficial carving of a piece of my soul. But if that event had occured, my mind had been too clouded with drug and drink to retain it.

It had been my intention on this, the night of my final call, to reflect upon a storied career. To regail all those around me with stories.

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