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theSHORTofitFRONTfinalReading H. William Ruback’s anthology of short stories and poems is like a carnival funhouse. As you walk along the dark corridor, suddenly a flash of light, a jet of air, the sound of laughter, confusion, a sense of recovery, beautiful and elusive images that slip quickly back into the shadows, and everywhere twisted mirrors reflecting a distorted version of the truth. I read and reread his words many times, each time seeing different things and taking away different meanings.
You will find stories filled with wonderful descriptions that quickly draw you in. He has great skill describing feelings of attraction and the passion we feel when we meet special people.   And, as a bonus, when you are done reading, you will find yourself wondering about other interpretations, finding several better than your first. What better gift can a writer give than to make you feel things, and later to think about it more?
Ruback succeeds in both.

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